October 7th, 2004



I've kinda settled into this pattern wherein i get to sleep every other day. it's not nearly as great as you might imagine. the heightened paranoia, poor decision making, heightened neurotic tendencies ... the list of benefits goes on and on. Lucky for me, in two weeks or so my schedule will be greatly relaxed by the removal of wednesday graveyard shifts.

i didn't go to sleep today. there was an accident on the 91, and traffic wasn't moving, so i pulled off and took a nap for about an hour. Then i came home, wrote an e-mail that made me very sad, played with the animals, and called Best Buy about stereo installation. 3pm was the earliest appointment they had, so i sucked down some caffeine and prepared for a long day.

The teenager at the car audio place bitched for awhile about how hard it is to work on my model of car. I think he was trying to talk me out of having the stereo installed. He kept telling me stuff like how it might be a little loose, and it'll push on the dash here, and so on ... i finally told him i didn't care if it damaged my car, i need a stereo in it and this is the stereo i have to put in it. the guy was seriously grouchy.

So i wandered around for two hours while it was done, got myself some lunch, did some shopping, found some great clearance rack sales. two drink mixer sets for $2.50 apiece, and a little somethin' for stephinextremis. I walked around Best Buy for an hour, and didn't buy anything. I'm proud of myself.

The stereo that's in my car now ... i think it is a more complicated piece of equipment than my laptop. It took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to remove the faceplate, which turns out to not be the faceplate, but the back of the part of the face that automatically folds in when i turn off the car ... yeah.

I think i have learned my lesson about taking my faceplate out of the car, though. i don't need this to happen again.

as for tonight ... i have no plans. i'm expecting no calls, but it would be nice. i'm feeling really cut off, but i'm sure it's my own fault. if i blink too long i'll fall asleep sitting up, so travel is totally out of the question. maybe i'll work on making the kitchen shiny. maybe i'll dig up some tequila and work on that margarita mix.
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