October 8th, 2004

bend over

overbooked, i think.

after sleeping for 14 hours, i feel much better.
michael called last night, but i had fallen asleep waiting for him. I did answer the phone, but i'm not sure how much sense i made. I know that i forgot everything that i wanted to talk to him about. oh well, i will get to see him tonight. hopefully he won't be all tired and we can actually go do something.

I'm also supposed to see francescamuffin today. i don't know how i'm gonna coordinate this.

I have to take a written test to renew my driver's license. How crappy is that? My luck, i'll fail and have no license. i've got to make an appointment w/ the DMV before my birthday, and i keep putting it off.

the birthday party ... well ... considering that i fucked up the date my parents are going to be out of town, it's going to be a week sooner than planned, which means that it's in a month, which means that i've actually got to start getting invites out and all that. eep. i left a message for heather telling her that i screwed up the date ... i haven't heard back from her. i hope she's not mad.

i had weird dreams, very vivid. in one, i was trying to get to my wedding. it was in an hour, my car ran out of gas, and i wasn't even dressed yet. in the other, i was a doctor in outer romania, and i was carrying parakeets, and there were zombies dancing and singing showtunes about being zombies.
i think that second one tops my "weird dreams" list.

maybe i should go to trader joe's today. there's no food left in my house.

Rick won't fucking leave me alone. i asked him not to contact me any further, i get a response saying that i shouldn't hold a grudge, it's just holding in stress and that's bad for me. No, he was bad for me. no rick = happy kasey. grr.
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i'm being watched.

It's a weird feeling ...

i was talking to someone today ... someone i don't see very often, but knows me very well ... and he mentions, "at night, when i'm bored at work, i read your livejournal."

i don't mind. in fact i kinda feel bad, because i hide some of the more personal stuff behind filters, and i told him he misses out on the good stuff. I'm just really, really surprised. and kinda flattered, in an odd way. i never think i'm interesting to read, especially to people that don't even have livejournal.

so yeah ... you should leave a comment sometime, let me know you're here. ;)
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