October 27th, 2004


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It's finally raining up here. It didn't start until after sunset last night. I'm happy.

I made a conscious decision last night that i was not going to go to school today. I don't want to. I can read the book. My paper isn't done anyway. I have to go to the lab in the afternoon, and then i'm driving down to the oc to see michael and maybe go to haunt, if i can get cheaper tickets. if i can't then we'll go do something else, i'm sure. I've got to go by the post office and my homeowner's association today as well. and maybe i should pay some bills.

My next paycheck is going to suck. it worked out that i only worked fifty hours the first half of the month (i don't know how), and that's the check i'm going to have to pay for the party with. You may have to deal with cheap beer, people.

I re-arranged the living room again, and i think i have found a configuration i can live with. It's been moved around quite a few times this month. i've been feeling very unsettled. can't imagine why.

michael called last night while i was watching a movie. we had a nice talk and made some plans for this week, so that part of my life is happy. I really wish i could see him more, though. I'll see him tonight, and that'll be the first time since friday morning. I don't need constant companionship (i may want it, but i don't need it) but i do need a little more than this.

I've got this dream of a little domestic life stuck in my head.

i'm craving subway, but they're not open until ten, and i refuse to go to the one nearest my house because their service is so awful. I don't mind bad service, but i don't like being treated rudely. I guess i can hold out until after lab, and go to the one nearest my school. Their sandwiches aren't that good, but the only togo's around here (with similarly rude service, but in a more entertaining fashion) closed a few months ago.

It's icy cold out here - i spent yesterday evening in a warm sweater curled up on the couch watching a movie - Swimming Pool, which was kinda disappointing. Lots of naked hot french chick though, so it wasn't without merit. If it continues like this i'll eventually have to turn the heater on - it's nice not to run the a/c all the time.

off to more mundane activities ... the dishes need doing and laundry needs folding.
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If anybody was wondering where rainwater goes after it falls from the sky, i seem to be retaining all of it. yes, all of it.

hoping the sky clears for tonight's lunar eclipse ...

really bad poetry with a gothy twist ...

Rain, it falls
from the sky
a drop fell
right in my eye
and it almost
made me die
and then
my friends will cry.
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