November 4th, 2004


kitties on dialysis

another day, another cat on dialysis.

i love those patients. they're a real challenge to manage, and i enjoy the critical care aspects of it. Both the doctor and I learned a lot about managing dialysis patients last night.

i'm going to sleep for a few hours, then i've got to start getting the house ready ...
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tingling with anticipation

I'm all nervous about tomorrow. Like, stomach twisty, shaky nervous. My phone has been ringing all afternoon with people confirming plans and whatnot ... my work called, and asked me if i could work friday night. It took me a second ... i was thinking, "i know i have something to do on friday ..." When I woke up a bit more, i figured out what day/week/month it was and declined the shift. I still feel guilty for not coming in. I really shouldn't.

I'm afraid either nobody will show up or everybody will. Cryss called, and we discussed this fear ... He said it will probably be the latter ... i guess he was in garden grove the other day and heard the loccal kids talking about it. I've got some of the TC group coming, a few people from work, a bunch of old friends, all heathers friends ... i just hope it doesn't get out of control. I'm moving all the breakable stuff to the garage.

When I talked to Travis the other day, he said "I can't believe your parents are letting you have a party in their house. That just doesn't sound like your mom."
I laughed and laughed, and told him it was going to be just like the parties of old ... parents out of town, and i'm taking over the house for a party while they're gone. My mom would never, ever, go for this.

I'm so not ready.

I have an outfit picked out, i've got my tiara, i think i know how i'm going to do my badly dyed hair, we've got plenty of decorations, heather is burning cd's of party music, i'm picking up the keg tomorrow afternoon ... but i'm sure something important will be forgotten. I've got to clean up the backyard and find a cigarette receptacle for the smokers. I don't even know if my brother's roommate is going to be home. argh. i am paralyzed with stress.

and then there's the post-party cleanup ...
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