November 22nd, 2004

geisha - sinfest

tenth anniversary?

Heard on the radio on the way home today:

"In recognition of the album's tenth anniversary, Nine Inch Nails is re-releasing "The Downward Spiral"."

And I started thinking about how much i loved that album as a teenager ... and then i felt really, really, old.

I finally got to see Velcro again last night, but under less-than-ideal circumstances. Her little leg was hurt, but thankfully not broken, and she went home shot up with some hardcore pain meds.

A Nissan Skyline passed me on the freeway. I was awed.

After work, I went to the federal building in Santa Ana and dropped off my paperwork for the labor board. That whole building is a little scary - the halls are narrow and old, peeling fake tile floors like the kind they use in elementary school hallways, heavy doors painted orange, windowless rooms, and the musty smell that permeates all government buildings.

I should hear back from them soon about a second hearing ... hopefully ... they took forever with the first one, though.

All the trees in my complex changed color over the weekend ... and half of the leaves fell in my backyard ...

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I should go to bed before I start thinking about how old i am again.
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