November 23rd, 2004


projects with bricks

Everyone at my work is being weird and it's annoying the hell out of me. I have one co-worker i want to hit over the head with a brick. multiple times.
if this opportunity ever came up, i'd have to get in line - i don't know one person that can stand her.
When the doctors hate you by your second shift, you should know that there is a problem ...
and i get to supervise her again on thursday ... she is so going into iso. i hope the distemper dog is still there - she freaks about having to work with iso patients, because she doesn't vaccinate her dogs - and this is so not my problem. that bitch goes into iso every chance i get.

i hold so much bitterness ...

I brought my carpet cleaner home today, and i'm sure i'll have an exciting night now. the living room may get re-arranged yet again - i just never feel settled.

it's fucking cold here. i didn't want to get out of bed last night, and when i did it was straight into my robe with a flannel over it. if nothing else i wear looks 909, that certainly did. thank goodness for down comforters, or it would be too cold to sleep. (yes, i'm a wuss.)

i have nothing interesting to say, so i think i'm done here.
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Back onto the "i feel old" theme ...

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sip cure

kinda i want to maybe just for tonight

I think i have arranged the livingroom into a configuration that i can live with. now i just have to clean it. I live by myself - i don't know how i make such a mess. i love neatness and order and can't clean up after myself.

I hate petco even more today. i understand the nature of retail, it's busy around the holidays, but don't deny me my boyfriend for a vacation. So he can't get the time off, and i've had to re-plan the whole thing. If he can't get the dates off that I've found, then there is no vacation, because we have no other compatible dates. And i need this vacation. I found a cute little hotel a mile from the beach, with a fireplace in the room and a hot tub outside. I thought about spending new year's eve up there, but i promised mary that i'd go to her party.

I want this whole christmas thing to be over. it's stressing me out already. this is the season where i wake up and it's already dark. shopping becomes a hellish endeavour. and everyone has this family thing going on that makes me feel even more lonely and disconnected.

Clients at work always have this sympathy thing going when they see that have to work the holidays. "Oh, you poor thing, having to work on Christmas!" Well, if i didn't work on christmas (and thanksgiving, and all the other family days) i don't know how i'd get through them. It keeps my mind off of the outside world.

I hate that i never get to see him anymore ...
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