November 28th, 2004


sleep work knit. sleep work knit. sleep work knit. sleep work knit ...

Yesterday was one of those horribly isolating days, coupled with a fucked up sleep pattern. i was loopy and bored all day until i went to work, where i became frustrated and annoyed. The incompetence of others is making me look bad.

I wrote more crappy poetry. Shel Silverstein style ... sorta. rhythmic, anyway.

What's to live for past the age of twenty-one?
We get old and creaky while the kids have all their fun.
They get the highs and lows, we suffer the damage done.
I should have stopped this ride at the age of twenty-one.

wheee - depressing!
maybe someday i'll write good poetry ... but if i do, i'd never let anyone read it. no, i learned my lesson the first time with that.

The plan for the next few days - Sleep. Work. Drive. Sleep. Work. Drive. Sleep. Knit.
Speaking of knitting, i'm in serious production mode for christmas. I've got a hat done for my mom and half of a scarf for a doctor i work with. Most of my family is getting hats - those are quick enough, with big yarn. i have a huge selection of colors right now, so everybody will even get something a little different.
They better fucking appreciate it.

After the work sleep pattern gets done with, i've actually got some stuff going on this week. I'm going to see my therapist on thursday, to deal with some specific things. Or maybe to figure out a way to deal with these specific things.
After that, i'm going to Long Beach to get my hair cut. I want it the way it was in the picture on my userinfo page. hamsterhuey was nice enough to print the picture for me (since my printer is fucked, michael's internet is fucked, and my parents only printer is connected to a Mac). So i'm going to this fancy salon in long beach with a folded b/w picture, and i'm going to tell them, "make my hair do this again."
Friday, i will probably go up to LA to see Babyland at Das Bunker. rotting_orange, here's your chance at a goth club ... you should come with if you aren't working.

and that's it, really ... nothing all that exciting. But at least i'm leaving my house ... you all should be proud of me for that. Though my house is (fairly) clean, and looking much better ... you all should come visit me sometime. I'll set up the hookah, break out the wine and everything.
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