November 29th, 2004


watching the clock tick by ...

I should have asked to go home early about two hours before i did.

but i asked at four-thirty, and just as my supervisor was saying "sure, that's no prob-" the phone rang with news of the schnauzer coming in, attacked by a coyote. Then a paralyzed husky made a disgusting mess of its cage. then a dog needed a central line replaced.

It just wasn't meant to happen. We were totally dead up until i asked to go early, sitting on the exam tables eating leftover pie from thanksgiving and gossiping mercilessly. I'm cursed, and destined to work too much.

Oh well. Nothing to be done except to go back to work tonight and wait for my direct deposit to go through at midnight. Tonight should be okay - Jenn is supervising, and she's so easy to deal with.
Oh, the supervisor who's been a miserable bitch to everyone and picks at me? She was on last night, happy and cheery and talking my ear off about her fucking dogs. I can't handle the unpredictable people.
She saw that she has been scheduled to work three of her four shifts at the other building, and laughed, saying "Wow, there must have been a lot of complaints about me for them to give me that schedule. Cool, I'll get lots of homework done."
Some people.

Last night really was dull. There weren't even any interesting patients. My friend from another hospital started there on Saturday, and has blended in well already, which makes me happy.

One more night to get through, and then i'm free for a little while ...
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