December 3rd, 2004

screw-up fairy


My computer is fucked up and i'm not quite sure what to do about it.

I think the cable guy was right, the problem is with my computer and not with the cable modem. So I go out, buy a new ethernet card. Steph installed it for me last night, in the parking lot of little knight (i got pictures - it was pretty funny).

I get home, hook everything up - nothing. Reinstalled the driver - still nothing. The computer knows it has a new card in there. It knows that it is now supposed to be using that card for a network connection. ALl appears well with the new card, except that my computer and my modem still aren't talking to each other. The computer says "Network cable unplugged", which leads me to believe that the problem may lie with the ethernet cable.

So unless anyone has any brilliant ideas on what's going on with the stupid thing, i'm going to go out tomorrow and buy a new cable, and try that. I was going to try reinstalling the original ethernet card (which steph described as "older than dirt"), but i ... lost it. I shouldn't attempt to do computer repair while drunk, i lose things.

so now i'm, at my mom's, hanging out in my brothers room, fighting him for time on his computer ...

I had a lot of fun last night with stephinextremis. We met up at Ruba and talked and knitted for a while, then somehow got on the subject of bars, and i was talking about little knight, and she said she'd only been there once and didn't remember it, so we came to the logical conclusion that we should go have a drink. And we did. And all was good until the creepy, scrawny, drunk, shallow-end-of-the-gene-pool guy decided that he wanted to talk to me ... and wouldn't go away, no matter how much i ignored him. So this woman that was in the bar, old and fat and drunk, sees what's going on and decides to "rescue" me ... not that i didn't appreciate the help, but i didn't much want to talk to her either.

The thing about little knight, though ... it's always entertaining.

I got my hair cut off yesterday, and it is now much improved. The girl i saw was great - i gave her a picture, described what i wanted, and she made it appear. I think i've found a new hair girl.

Cutting my hair is always such a cathartic experience ... I have a decent amount of neuroses tied to my hair - between my psycho mother and my psycho ex-boyfriend, it always feels like a smug little act of rebellion every time i cut it all off.

Tonight - Das Bunker, Babyland, crowds and dancing and overpriced weak drinks. it'll be great, i'm sure. I'm not driving for once in my life ... justin is going to pick me up. so now i just have to deal with the fact that i hate being a passenger - part of the reason i almost never am.

I wish michael could go with me ... damn petco. we should both be trust fund rich kids ... then the fun stuff would be easier.

Went shopping today with a friend on long beach. I've been spending lots of time in long beach lately ... anyway, hit up a bunch of cute little stores, couldn't afford much of anything, but got some xmas crap out of the way. I've decided that knitting something for everyone is an unrealistic goal, and the little cousins won't appreciate it anyway, so they get stuff that i don't put hours of work into.

It was nice to get out with someone i don't see a whole lot of ... i love my friends, but different is good too.
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