December 12th, 2004


apparently i'm a horrible supervisor ... ha!

I'd do a "year end post", but to be honest, this year is fuzzy and blurry and i don't think i want to remember the details of most of it. i'm rather glad it's over, lets move on, thanks.

Work was stressful last night. We had to have two people in the other building, which is totally not usual for saturdays. Also, one person is out on disability, so instead of my usual six people, there were three. and we got slammed. the phone rang all night, we had a surgery, we had blood transfusions and TPN patients. I kept the best techs in the critical care building and we did the best we could to keep our heads above water.

The tech i have issues with is still driving me crazy. I asked her to go across the street (because she fucking sucks, especially when it's busy) and to me she said "okay, that's fine." To everyone else, she badmouthed me, asked another tech to be a "witness" to how badly I treat her, and pouted all night. She's been telling people lately that i'm a horrible supervisor and that i'm out to get her. I'm not out to get her. I would love her to work out well. But it really doesn't look like that's going to happen.

and you think she would be smart enough not to talk shit about me to my friends? It's all back to me within hours, and we all have a good laugh.

Anyway, back to work tonight ... more work ... and monday, and i think tuesday but i'm not sure. Wednesday, i may or may not get to sleep, and thursday is Flea's dental and my work's xmas party. Sometime in the middle of this i have to find time to see eamajyn. Flea is coming with me so that i can draw blood on him for his dental. I love taking Flea to work with me ... that's what i really miss about Central.
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