December 22nd, 2004


*falls over*

Last night was the most painful, agonizing, crazed, frustrating, depressing night at work i've ever had.

Short two techs on the grave shift, leaving me with three techs for 25 patients -
short one swing-shift doctor -
at least three "super-critical" patients, including one on a pentobarbitol drip -
One IVP procedure -
A two-hour anesthetic procedure -
more blown veins than i can count -
a cat with a potassium of 8.38 -
A sobbing young couple, euthanizing their pug with a liver shunt -
a 130# immobile post-op mastiff -
One isolation puppy with a blood glucose of 28 mg/dl -
the BMW driver arguing about paying the deposit, before pulling out $800 cash -
and to top it all off ...
dirty looks from morning shift when they came into the chaos.

I spent forty minutes after my 12 hour shift lying on the beanbag chair upstairs, before i even had the energy to leave.

one day off, then i'm supervisor for the next three nights in a row ... merry xmas to me.

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