December 27th, 2004


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I wonder if someone confused anarchist with agnostic here? or maybe it's a new religion ... i'd just as well be jewish anyway, but for that whole "god" thing i just can't agree with.

You scored as Anarchist. Coochy choochy coo, what a cute little ANARCHIST we have here.
You see everything as a means to an end, and that end is You. You don't understand why some saps do community service cause you wouldn't be caught dead picking up trash unless you were in an orange jumpsuit. You're also pretty angry at the world but are too self-concerned to do anything about it because you are an anarchist. Understanding this statement would practically kill you, "There is freedom in obedience." You probably also hate Bush.














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i wish i looked like lydia deitz ...

I need to come up with a name for this new dog project of mine. Her given name is "sheba", but that's a stupid name and she doesn't seem too attached to it anyhow. I've been calling her "Sha'Niqua", but i'm not sure it fits. i like the name Sasha, but there are so many Sashas out there. A girl at work has been calling her Lydia, because she says I look like Lydia in Beetlejuice. Anyone have any ideas for naming a big silly happy terrier mix?

Pictures will be posted soon. as soon as i find my camera.

A co-worker is covering tonight's shift for me, and i don't have to work again until saturday, so i am a much happier girl. I do love my job, i'm just so stressed out right now. I called earlier to check on the dog, and the doctor i talked to said that it was crazy in there. so i'm glad i'm here, eating salsa and watching movies. life is good.

i hate to waste my free time, and i should be cleaning the house, but it's so nice to do not very much. I covered reception for three hours last night (we were short one receptionist, and it was busy) and it was nice to just sit down at work for a while. Paperwork is relaxing to me. Work did turn hellish last night - a dog coded, another one seizured, all of them were barking, and our surgeon called wanting a cat under anesthesia and ready to cut by the time he got there - in 15 minutes. up until all that happened at once, all was calm.

I've got all these days off, and a party to go to on friday night. It's the end of the month and i have a little leftover cash, my boyfriend is coming to see me soon, i'm gonna get new makeup wednesday, and i've got a new dog to cuddle (and find a home for. anyone want a dog?), my books from barnes & noble and my ebay knitting stuff came in the mail today. yeah, stuff is good.
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