January 10th, 2005

francine upset

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stuff happened. interesting stuff, even. i worked two hours in the dark yesterday because there was no power. people brought their animals in still, even though the building was black. the rain is wonderful and i want it to go on forever.

and i don't have the will or the energy to care about anything.

i'm unwell and not really sure if it's a physical illness or a psychosomatic one. my muscles hurt, especially my middle. i think my kidneys hurt, but it could just be muscle. i did an ultrasound on my kidneys, but not knowing what human kidneys are supposed to look like, i really only could say, "yup, those are kidneys," and continue on with my night. my head is all foggy and i'm not sleepy, but i have no energy and move very slowly.

a co-worked made jokes that i'm not feeling well because i haven't dyed my hair lately. it wasn't a funny joke at all, but there's a bit of truth in the reverse of that ... i haven't felt well enough lately to even bother taking care of myself. i hardly wash my hair anymore, let alone dye it. i don't bother wearing anything cute ... i don't bother with makeup ... i'm functioning at a bare-minimum kinda level right now.

and i hate it.
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So I've never really had the chance to watch the cable tv i had put in a few days ago. But i've been leaving it on "game show network" during the day for Gurgie - I figure he'll pick up some interesting sounds from that.

Sheila may have a home. With a cop.
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