January 14th, 2005


there may be a bright side?

Quote of the night, from dreammadeflesh: "Irvine is the epicenter of suck."

I had, for the first time in a while, a really, really nice night. Drama at minimum levels (even with a bunch of background issues for the both of us), happy lovey cuddliness, a trip to Petco (for the dogs) and Trader Joe's (for wine and beer for me). We went and saw The Aviator, and i've got a capsule review for anyone that wants it, since i've had one request.

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After the movie we drank warm beer in the car parked in front of the house and had a long meandering conversation. just ... nice. a decision was made that makes me very happy for him (nothing "us" related, just michael related). We're planning to have a night like this again, sometime soon.

So not everything in my life sucks completely.

Tomorrow, i'm working a shift for someone. Then, I'm working my usual four shifts after that. After which i will have three days off in which to curl up and die. The good news is that my parents are out of town for the week, so i can stay there with a dogs a few days instead of commuting back and forth every single day. The commute isn't awful, but it does take two hours out of my day that i'd rather be spending sleeping.

work just called to ask me about something for tomorrow ... they were all "oh, i really hope we didn't wake you!" I laughed and told them that I had just gotten home and cracked open a bottle of wine.
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