January 20th, 2005

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My sleep patterns are all fucked up, and living like this just leaves me tired all the time. Even though i'm getting (in total) something like fourteen hours of sleep a day, i'm groggy and slow. ugh. Maybe i should make some tea.

I went to Trader Joe's yesterday, and can now feast on all sorts of nummy veggie stuff. No more ramen for at least a week! I tried to be good when i shopped and buy only healthy, non-snack food type stuff ... which sucked last night when i was looking for something to munch on. But i'm well fed and happy.

Today I've got this review thing to go to, and then dinner and shopping with stephinextremis. I talked to Michael yesterday, and we're going to maybe meet up after all that. It'll be nice to see him.
I don't like this infrequent contact thing. It's not like either of us isn't busy. There just isn't time.

It's funny ... those that said I should leave michael, what did they think i was going to do? if i didn't have michael, it's not like i would have time for anyone else, and the time i do have, i'd spend alone and sad because i didn't have michael. fuzzy logic.

I gave Sheila a little tomato last night. It was funny, she didn't know what to do with it. I think she thought it was a little ball, she'd pick it up, drop it, pick it up and try to throw it ... this amused me for a few minutes. She's having a staring contest with the bird right now. The parrot bites her nose all the time, and she isn't even fazed by it. This probably is part of the same thing that makes her want to play fetch while she has a broken pelvis.

And Stan Lee is going to be a very rich man, and this makes me smile. Fair's fair.

No matter how picked up i get my living room, it always looks kinda ... dusty. i need to get my vacuum fixed, i need to scrub everything and wash the walls and launder the upholstery.
I need to hire someone else to do this.
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