January 21st, 2005


just like my review, everything is good on paper.

Am I going to destroy everything by not being able to get over shit that probably doesn't matter to anyone but me?
Is it going to be me that destroys everything?
Is it inevitable?

Time will tell ... maybe. if i let it.

i wish i could still afford my therapist.

All in all, I had a wonderful day on paper.

I got my review. The reviews are done by handing out questionnaires to a few of the reviewee's superiors, and then numbers are crunched and comments noted. There are four categories (general, interactions, client skills, and medical skills), with 5-7 questions, and a 1-5 ranking scale. An average number is determined for each category.
Teri (my manager) said she had never seen such a positive review. I scored 5.0, 4.8, 4.7, and 4.8. I got great comments, stuff like "positive attitude" and "great surgical tech". Things that I consider to be my weak points are apparently my strong ones. I'm a cranky bitch and i hate surgery.

I don't know exactly who reviewed me - I know one of the doctors and one of the supervisors, but there are a couple more people that did reviews. Whoever it was, i'm really flattered, and now have an ego.

after that little self esteem booster, i met up with steph for dinner. Maggiano's was super-crowded, so we went to Claim Jumper and ogled our cute waiter. Some shopping, and lots of window shopping and people-watching, and that was that. We went, of course, to MAC and Sephora, where i got the pumpkin mask that is currently on my skin. It smells like thanksgiving and burns like valentines day. It was a really pleasant excursion.

From there, off to see michael, where i did a quick emergency haircut (you'll have to ask him if you want the details on why i had to do that). We hung out, talked, went grocery shopping, talked some more. it's complicated, and that's all i can really say about that. We're both looking forward to Bodyworlds. We're both emotionally fucked up and mercurial. It's great. I love him anyway.
It's a beautiful mess.
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So ... if i were to want to get to the middle of LA by 7pm, what time should i leave OC?

and does anyone know of any decent restaurants up there open kinda late, like after 9-10 pm?
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