January 22nd, 2005


bodies all over

Tonight was great.

I could go on and on about how cool bodyworlds was, but seriously, you all should go see it for yourselves. it's coming back at the end of the months, and it's only $9.50 for students. Really, really fucking neat. And i now have a poster of the vascular system of a rabbit, to be hung in my living room.

But really, the highlight of the night was having a drink and dinner with michael, then curling up on his bed and napping with him for a while. That made my stress go away, made my headache go away, took the weight off my shoulders for a few hours.

i really shouldn't worry so much. maybe.

I raced a honda civic almost all the way home, from Tyler mall to Day street, where i could feel that my car (with my broken gas gauge) was running on fumes and pulled off the freeway to get gas. Thirteen gallons in my twelve gallon tank, and i continued on my way home at a leisurely 80mph. The racing bit was great fun, though. It's kinda scary to be passed like nothing when you know you're going over 100.
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i hate the truth.

I took that color quiz, and while it was all fairly accurate, this is the line that matters ...

"Wants to overcome a feeling of emptiness and of separation from others."
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