January 28th, 2005


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I'm happy.

Michael is up here. we had a lovely Persian dinner last night. We had a few drinks and watched South Park. I got to spend a night curled up next to him, and that makes me so giddy. Today we're going to hike up this hill:

and hopefully I'll make it all the way to the top and back in a reasonable amount of time. We went to trader joe's and got trail mix and stuff so i don't get all hypoglycemic on the trail and die. that would be no fun.

I'm taking my camera, and i'll probably subject all of you to pictures of my trip later.
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I'm so doing this again.

Well ... we didn't get to the top of the mountain. We would have, probably, but it started raining pretty good and the trail was already steep and hard to follow, so we turned around. But it was really great fun. I took lots of pictures, and i will subject all of you to them ...

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So we're going to try it again soon. I had even more fun than i expected, and held up pretty well. the trail was really fucking steep in spots, and the ground mushy and slippery. i only fell once, trying to walk down a steep grassy hillside. but no harm done. I still want to get to the top of that mountain, dammit.
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