February 19th, 2005


small diversions

Instead of turning right this morning on the way home from work, i turned left. I followed the arrow on the sign that said "estate sale", because nothing makes me happier than negotiating over knick-knacks with the family of the dearly departed. I found slim pickings, as it was the second day, but i found one shining jewel ...

a turntable, with speakers, for $15. I plugged it in and the spinning part spun. the needle moved. and my heart rejoiced.

good things come to those who pick the bones of the dead, and i'm glad i turned left today.
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(no subject)

Sheila is at the animal hospital today, meeting her possible new family.
I really hope they like her.
I really hope they take her and i don't have to deal with her anymore. Not that i don't love her, but ... i've had enough dog.

I have completely gotten over my desire to own a "real" dog. Flea is enough dog for me, thank you.

There are two printed pictures of the new car, and i was waving them around like baby pictures last night. I don't care if i'm a geek.

four more nights of work ... last night actually wasn't too bad. babysitting geriatrics.

i should probably stop procrastinating and get ready for this night of work. another ten hours sucked out of my life ...

and i know i'm posting like eight times a day. but it's nice to has internet access for the day. I'm sure i'll get over the novelty soon enough.
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