March 3rd, 2005


glorious sound!

After fighting with my computer for god-knows-how-long, I have SOUND!

I still have to re-install Windows, but hey, for now i have music again!

I don't like humans, can't you see ...
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francine upset


So my hair is more purple now. It needs to have some more black, and i may do that after i get home from school tonight, while flipping between wrestling and The OC.

miss_geek, if you lived here, we could watch The OC and drink Newcastle every week!

anyway ...

I got new shoes - a pair of very high clogs that i've almost broken my ankle in once already, and the most hideous (in a good way) boot/shoe/high heel nylon and rubber thing ever created. Within five minutes of it being delivered and me taking it out of the box, Patches vomited on it. I think it was a critique of my taste in clearance shoes.

I'm not happy about the events of last night, but there's nothing i can do about it today. wait for a return call. hope my email wasn't too snarky. whatever. It'll all blow over, i'm sure, and go back to the status quo that nobody is really happy with.

i'm crampy and want tofu. stir fried tofu over rice. but then there's the getting up, and the cooking, and the washing of dishes, and yeah ... i'm too lazy to eat. I'm sure i'll get over it.

Apparently the loan is being processed right now, and this is an exciting thing. I need to get my car ready to sell, which means i need to clean it out and get it detailed. I can't just dump the contents of my car into the garage, because i'll be putting the new car into the garage. I need to move the broken couch from the garage to the dumpster so that i can put the scion into the garage. I need to find places in the house for the things i've been lugging around in my car for years. I need to clean my house, top to bottom. to clean my house, i have to take apart and fix my vacuum cleaner (again).

I was going to paint the upstairs bathroom light blue, but i think that project is being postponed until i don't have eight other projects going on.

I think I'm going to go lie down on the couch with a hot pack ... ow ...
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geisha - sinfest

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Guess whose loan was approved!




I'm getting a Scion ...

in this color:

whee, i'm excited. I'm going to pretend that everything else isn't crap and be fucking excited about this.
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