March 11th, 2005


i <3 my car.

As promised ... pictures of the best thing i have ...

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it's the only thing that even makes me think of smiling anymore.
i love it. I'm also getting more exercise, because i'm afraid to park it anywhere near any other cars.

in other news, everything still sucks, i won't be making public appearances anytime soon (you'd rather not see me cry anyway) and i don't want to answer any questions, please. it's not any more complicated than the obvious - publically, at least.
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francine upset

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I'm going out with some friends from work tonight. bowling, of all things.
I'm not really sure that i want to go, but i promised i'd show up.

the conversation earlier:

doctor: *directions, times, blahblahblah* and are you bringing anyone?
me: no ... it's just me.

and i guess it is just me and i just can't reconcile that in my head. it's not right.
good luck to me getting through tonight without crying, or breaking down and putting my coworkers through an emotional unburdening. Sucky thing is, it's not even the people i'm closer to at work that will be there - just some of the people that live around riverside.

why is it that every song i've heard today has been either a sappy love song or a depressing breakup song?

at least i stopped crying long enough to get my makeup on.

i have very little will to live.
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okee ...

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