March 24th, 2005


cool new people?

Apparently my MySpace site was displayed in their list of "cool new people". They are wrong on two of three things there - I am most certainly not cool, and I am not new there. However, i cannot disprove that i am a person.

Anyway ... thanks to this, my inbox has been flooded with people wanting to add me, or talk to me, or talk about things on my site. I have received exactly one interesting email.

I still just don't get this myspace thing - or most of the people on it, for that matter.
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viva la revolucion

justice in the oc

Greg Haidl was convicted yesterday of six counts.

i have just a little more faith in the world than i did ten minutes ago.
monsters like that walk among us all ... but at least these ones will now have to account for their actions.

another article -,0,518457.story?coll=ktla-news-1
the last paragraph in this article ... this boy is a predator.
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apathy in action

I ditched school today. Just didn't feel like going. I went to math lab, forgot to clock out so i lost all my hours, took my first test (89% - blah), did some homework, and got back in my car and came home. bad me.

some days, it just isn't going to happen. I seem to have the misery of being hung over without the pleasure of being drunk last night. Or maybe it's just psychosomatic manifestation of apathy. I think i'm going to clean some litterboxes, feed the birds, make a trader joe's run, and get the fuck out of the 909. So that i can go sit in the OC by myself (unless anyone knows of anything going on tonight, in which case, you should call me).

Steph and I are going to Iceland. This summer. We're so there.
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keeping america safe from bad hamburgers

And keeping with my theme of fast-food related weirdness ...

why am i not surprised that this comes from orange county? fucking entitlement queens ...

i can totally picture this woman sitting in her H2/Landrover/Navigator/Escalade/Tahoe, with designer-label kids in the back, on the phone demading that the police come down to enforce proper hamburger-making technique.
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