March 25th, 2005


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This day is dragging, and there's so much more to get through.

both cars are sparkling. I took the green car to a hand wash place, and they did a really good job - though i don't think any amount of work will get all the dog hair out of it. Then I washed my car at a self-serve thingie. It's not as sparkly, but i can only afford so much.

Gotta save up for that trip to Iceland, y'know.

Tonight, I'm going with Heather to Release the Bats, or as andy calls it, release the brats. so i'll go out and be uncomfortably social, and listen to whatever crappy band is playing (i hate "goth" music). It'll be great, i'm sure. She wants to get all super done up for all this ... i'm not sure i want to go that far. Her energy is a great balance to my complete lack of it.

I'm just in one of those moods where nothing sounds appealing ... making me oh-so-much fun to be around. I don't want ... anything, really. There are people I could call, but the only one I want to talk to isn't picking up his phone ... sick of me, i'm sure ... or i'm paranoid. also possible.

i've been reckless with money in some ways lately ... but i'm also working more and hardly going out. so it kinda balances. I'm going to be fucked at the end of april, when i'm out three days due to wedding and whatnot. It's always feast or famine ... and if i really do want to take that trip (and i really do), I should stop browsing ebay for shoes ...

maybe i could create an amazon wishlist, and just guilt people into buying things for me ... there's a plan ...

i need a gym buddy. who can deal with my horrible schedule. and i know it isn't going to happen.
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