April 2nd, 2005


i'd prefer a house, thanks.

After work this morning, I went to my mom's house to sleep. Her house has been closed off all week with people painting and putting in a new celing, but it was supposed to be done yesterday. it was not finished. No one told me.

So I slept in the motorhome, sitting up in a chair because making out the bed during the middle of the day was unacceptable. Grr. I told my mom i'd be staying here today ... if i had known that i would be required to sleep sitting up, i would have just driven home after work.

so now my shoulder hurts and i'm crabby ...

This life seems to be a long, painful process with no guarantees ... i want a sure thing, something to rely on, someone that will be there for me.

At work, a bitter co-woker and I were talking about what catches we are not ... me and my odd hours, inconvenient locale, cat overpopulation problem, morbid sense of humour, and inability to compromise ... who the fuck is ever really going to love me? the one i thought was perfect can't or won't ...
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