April 18th, 2005

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The skin on my chest is peeling. It's quite attractive, really. It itches and peels and looks terrible. Last night at work, i was rubbing lidocaine gell all over my chest every few hours. Everyone was looking at me funny because i constantly had my hand in my shirt, applying gel or scratching the peeling. Everyone noticed how tan my face is, too. I hope it all fades soon.

Even though i was horribly tired and pained last night, i was also nicer and more patient with everyone. Even the stupid new girl who doesn't get it when "Major Caution" is written all over the dog's cage card, and almost got her face bitten off. Yeah, we just wrote that on there to amuse ourselves. You've been here three weeks and think you can manage the aggressive dogs? okay ...

anyway, i feel better. I'm being nicer - still catty, but nicer. I think the time away did me some good.

I woke up early today, so i think i'm going to go out and do some shopping before work. Gym clothes, so that i have no more excuses not to go. I need some pants that fit, too. Trying on pants is always a traumatic experience, but i think i'm down to one pair that aren't shredded. time to bite the bullet and go shopping. I don't even know what size i would be anymore.

I've lost seven pounds, so that's a start ... i suppose if i were actually exercising, i would lose some more and fit into the clothes in the back of my closet. you know ... the hot ones.
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