May 4th, 2005

bend over

hearings and kittens and my car and Maschine

Lots of excitement since the last one ...

last night at work was insane. It's been completely dead for days, and everything that didn't come in before came in last night. Including the dog who had been suffering from nosebleeds for four months, and the I.G. with the mild chronic cough ... emergencies my ass.
But we did a c-section on a sweet kitty and were rewarded with three fluffy orange kittens.

Makes it worth it, that stuff does.

Also my first shift with a new girl. She is licensed, but seems kinda special. A bit trying.

The real excitement of the day was the hearing with central. I showed up fifteen minutes early, and waited, and waited, and waited ... they showed up half an hour late and then we got started. I presented my documentation, organized chronologically, and stated my case. He said two things - that my timeline was accurate, and that he didn't manage the clinic when all this went on so he wasn't responsible for what the former bookkeeper (whom he hired) did. His evidence? a single piece of paper that stated that employees will work twelve hour shifts. not signed, nothing official ... just a statement. From him.

The hearing officer just about laughed at him.

He kept saying how they needed to talk to this person or that person, and that he could get whatever documents from the former bookkeeper ... the hearing officer told him that since he had been served February 8th, he'd had plenty of time to get everything together and she wouldn't accept anything after the hearing.

I'll receive a judgment in two weeks or so, wherein i will win, but i'm sure they will appeal. I will fight them until i am no longer amused by toying with them, but i think there's plenty of that left in me. I will own them.

They call my car "bizzare". Yay for bizzare!

Anyone going to Maschine tonight? anyone? i want to go ... but i don't want to not know anyone there.

i spend months in my house and now I want to go out all the time ... go figure.
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So after changing my plans twenty times tonight, i'm at heather's house watching her get ready so that we can go to Maschine. I'm trying to make the decision between red and black fishnets, or maybe i'll be really scandalous and go barelegged ...

Heather takes hours to get ready ... we'll probably get there for the last two hours or so.

beer is a good thing.

I'm happy to be going out. even though it's supposed to be all crowded tonight ... i'll get drunk and be fine. It's nice to not be at work. (Sorry, Steph.)
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