May 6th, 2005


I'm so going to be paying for this ...

Out again last night, and much fun was had. Perversions this time, where i went with helterskelteroc and ran into stephinextremis, arakrune, josiesaurus, bigbrother, rotting_orange, and chuck_hodi. I don't usually know so many people at a club, it was nice to be there with friends. Even if we had to shout into each other's ears to be heard.

Every time i go out with Danny, I'm having fun. It's a little odd, i don't usually warm up to people so quickly, but he's really easy for me to get along with. yay for new friends.

I think I'm going to go out again tonight - Das Bunker. If i have any clean clothes left to dance in ... I'm going shopping today, so I could always pick up something new, I guess. I'm all eager to spend money, don't know why. I'm working enough hours that I have it to spend, at least. I've gone out more this week than i usually do in a month.

My legs are all wobbly and weak.

So ... who is going to Bunker tonight?
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our very static age

18 changes of plan later, we're finally on our way to Bunker ... where we weren't going to go, but now we're going to go ... it's been a very indecisive day. I explored parts of Downey and Bellflower i didn't know existed until today. I kinda feel like i've been running around all day, and really got nothing done ... nothing worth writing down, anyway.

but now i'm going to go dance, and it will be okay.

Heather, today:

"I like drugs
I like to do drugs
I like to be on drugs
I like to not say no to drugs."

she's crazy ...
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