May 8th, 2005

short and red

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I'm going shopping on wednesday ... yay for something to look forward to at the end of my workweek. Especially because the workweek after that will be six days long, from friday afternoon to thursday morning. I don't know why i sign myself up for this crap. Oh, wait ... when i did sign myself up for all these shifts, i had nothing better to do. Now i have things to do, but no time ... at least i can pay for it with all this work.

So next wednesday, sometime between tattoo removal (in the morning) and homework (when i get around to it) I'll be in South Coast Plaza, spending too much money and drooling at stuff i'll never be able to afford. Maybe someday, when being a vet tech becomes a lucrative career, i can wear Chanel sunglasses.

I got into it a bit with a co-worker last night, and i probably will again tonight. I was taking care of a very ill, very painful post-op kitty. He was a patient with a dedicated tech, which meant I was the only one who was to be taking care of him. Michelle comes by, and without asking me about him, decided he needs different food and more blankets. The poor cat had didn't want to eat anyway, and since he had a fever i had limited his bedding. I was also trying to move him as little as possible, so as to not increase his pain. Twice I told her "Michelle, he's fine, leave him alone." to be ignored. She makes no secret of how much she dislikes me. Seriously, my patient care is good. It's what I take pride in. She can bite me, and if she tries it again tonight, i'll tell her off. really, i will.
She's been pissed at me since i told her that I thought paganism was as ludicrous an idea as any other religion. What she told me was "I would have thought someone like you would have been more supportive of paganism." I look funny, so i'm supposed to care? I don't care what religion anyone is ... i think the same of all of it. She was not happy.

I don't want to resign myself to the idea that i will be alone forever ... but nothing goes anywhere, and i'm hung up on the past ... and apparently i'm only interested in things that are totally unattainable for one reason or another.

The stuff I don't write in here would fill a book, and maybe even make my life look interesting.

I think i'll clean my house all shiny new soon, and invite people up. in my spare time.
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