May 12th, 2005


bad things

There's something wrong ...

Since I left work Wednesday morning, things haven't been going right.

My original plans for Wednesday fell apart. I ended up at Heather's - we went shopping, spent too much money, I stayed last night at her house. When she went to leave for school this morning, her car was gone. A phone call revealed that it had been towed due to unpaid parking tickets, and could be retrieved after paying off the tickets - $400 or so, the person on the phone said. Money that she didn't have, but i can make it appear.So I drive Heather to Long Beach city hall, we find a parking spot and stand in line. The gentleman at the counted produced three sheets of paper, showing that Heather in fact owed $1256.

I couldn't make that much appear right then, so Heather goes carless for a day until I get back down there with a bigger credit card tomorrow.

So she missed school and work, and I ended up in Long Beach much longer than I planned. I spent most of the afternoon on the 91, since i had to get home for my class this evening. And I'd like to take a shower. I can't go 24 hours without. I feel icky. I really had wanted to avoid creeping along the freeway for two hours, in the sun.

The worst of it ... my poor parakeet, the second one, died yesterday for some unknown reason. He was healthy when i left on Tuesday night, with a bowl of food and water. I don't know if he was ill, or if one of the cats gave him a fright ... I won't be getting another parakeet. I feel like I'm not a good enough bird owner, because I don't know what was wrong.
Just the other day, I got him all new toys, cleaned his cage out, checked his beak and toes and feathers ... it all seemed okay. what do i know, really.

But aside from all the suck, I did have fun wednesday night hanging out with decayineden and heather - who set up her own LJ last night (heather_leather), but it remains to be seen if she'll ever update it.

Hopefully class won't suck tonight, and the magazines i bring will last me through the two-and-a-half hours of algebra lecture.
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