May 19th, 2005


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Six days of work, done and over with. Hallelujah. don't have to go back until saturday.
I'm supposed to be at school right now, but i managed to sleep through two alarms (while having terrible dreams - about work). So i didn't go to school today. I really don't care.
I received a letter the other day stating that I was accepted to the vet tech school that i want to go to. I have to meet with them soon and bring them money.

So the revised plan for tonight - I'm going to get dressed and ready and head down to garbage grove to camp out at my mom's house and meet up with Danny. I don't really want to dog-sit all weekend, but i will.

My lasered tattoo still hurts. Probably because i keep picking at it. it's almost as good as a sunburn.

I woke up today with the cat kneading his paws on my face. works better than any alarm clock.

i'm procrastinating, and i don't even know why.
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Alas, all my plans for the evening have fallen apart, at the very last minute. Too late to do much else, too late to start making phone calls, just too late in general. So I sit here all dressed up, made up, and ready to go ...

there must be something going on tomorrow night. Looks like bunker is on, so i may go to that.

Here's a vote for spontaneity - i'm going to vegas! be back by saturday ... :D
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