May 25th, 2005


my paranoia ...

bad mojo in the air ...

so i haven't heard from Danny since saturday. not too unusual, but i'm a little (paranoid?) worried. I left him in vegas, he told me to call when i got home, and i haven't been able to reach him since. I'm probably just being silly, but something doesn't seem right. I can't reach anyone that might be able to find lena, who might know what is going on.
you can all laugh at me when it turns out that everything was fine.

Senator died last night, just before i came to work. Steph sent me a text message while i was on my way there. I was greatly tempted to turn around and go home.
I loved that dog. I sat with him on the floor Tuesday morning, before i went home. He liked to put his head in my lap, and i tolerated the drool on my legs. He wagged his oversized St. Bernard tail every time i walked up to him. I really wanted to see him get well and go home. He ate pieces of chicken from my hands, while i worried for the safety of my fingers.
His owner was there with him when he died ... apparently she had just taken him outside, and he suffered a pulmonary embolism (threw a clot) and died as he came back inside.
Sometimes, it's not fair.

I completed my enrollment this morning at the vet tech school. Two days a week, 16 months, and i'll take a test and have my RVT license. and $2 more per hour.

Other than that and the fact that i'm at Heather's comic book store, this has been a crappy day so far.
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I probably should have gone out tonight, but i didn't want to nap this afternoon, i have homework and school tomorrow, and i hardly ever spend time with my animals ... so it's probably best that i stay in and get stuff done.
But i want to go dance ... maybe tomorrow, after school. anyone going anywhere?
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