May 26th, 2005


make plans for me ...

I must do something tonight. I cannot sit in my house after school - though i'm sure i could be very productive, i want to be social.

I've got class until eight, i can be in OC/LA/LB by nine thirty. i'll be dressed to kill ... so i'm sure that somewhere, there's something going on, right?

usually i could at least go hang out with heather, but she's on a plane to Germany. No heather for the next two weeks, pout.

If anyone wants to do something - call me, text me, comment me, find me ...
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(no subject)

It's hot and stuffy here. no one is doing anything (and the ones that might be aren't calling me back). I'm half-tempted to go to Perv by myself, but i don't want to be alone in a crowded room.

Unless my phone starts ringing soon, i think i'm stuck here for tonight.

Maybe i'll clean.

maybe i'll open up this bottle of wine.

maybe someday, people will come see me.
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