May 28th, 2005


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how much things can turn around in 24 hours ...

I don't know where to start ... last night was a much needed boost to the ol' self-esteem. I got looks, i got comments, and now one more person in this world has my phone number. That probably won't go anywhere (if i'm smart about it), but it's nice to be wanted ... for once.

if this trend continues, the hunger will continue. it's worth it.
and this is where i prove how vain and shallow i am.

I didn't dance last night - it's hard to dance to the stuff they play there. it is fun to watch people try. I was waiting for mattie to start dancing, but alas, he was talking to girls all night.
unlike andy, who wasn't talking to anybody.

before the club, i went to see michael. Poor boy has worse luck than me in vegas.
Long story short, his car is totaled, but he is okay. There was an accident while he was driving home from school yesterday afternoon.
I took pictures of the car, but i promised that i would let him post them first.

I'm just glad he's okay.

tonight, quarantine. I'm going with kylie, and i know bunches of other people are going to be there. It's supposed to be a great club - if it is as good as everyone says, i'll take more saturdays off.

for now, i've just got to get rid of this groggy hungover feeling.
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