July 7th, 2005

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There's a great love story in my family history.

My Dad's third cousin came by the house tonight, and we were all going through some old family photos and letters. Many of the documents had to do with Walter Ringrose, my dad's uncle, and a story came together. We found his marriage certficate, and the divorce papers. Photos of him which Charlotte had scrawled across - "When you had a heart" and "Portrait of a fool", and such things.

Charlotte and Walter were married in the early 1940s. From what my dad and his cousin told me, both of them were hot-blooded people. They had a grand romance, then he cheated on her, she cheated on him, they had spectacular fights, and then she disappeared for a while. She popped back up in Essex, Connecticut, contacting Walter to file for divorce because she wanted to marry another man.

She married, but they continued their on and off affair for years. I guess it was the big family scandal back then - my dad said it was "very 'Peyton Place'".

There were a few pictures of Charlotte, and she was beautiful. Tall and slender, legs up to there.

I want to organize the papers and put the story together - find out what happened, maybe find out what happened to Charlotte. Walter died young, in 1960. Brain tumor. Apparently, just before his death, he found god - the same god who gave him the brain tumor, i suppose.

It was a pretty neat evening - my dad's cousin is odd, but it was nice to meet someone from that side of the family.

Met up with Michael after that for a late dinner at BJ's. As he said, everybody loves BJ's.

I love the cider by the pitcher, myself.

After all was done, I went by work to pick up Sammy the Jack Russell Terrier, who is home with me now. I don't think she's ever seen a cat before, because she's fascinated. Goyle is not amused.

Sammy is a really good little JRT - she isn't hyper or destructive, for the most part just wants to lie in my lap. I guess we'll see how she is when her lungs aren't full of blood.

Pictures soon, i promise. I just can't hook up my camera and my iPod at the same time.
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I am in love with my iPod.

walking around in my robe, cleaning the house, iPod clipped to the belt rope ... it's awesome.
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angry flea!

Here's the dog i suckered out for ...

So this is Miss Sammy ... who needs a home ...

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I tried to get some action shots, but it's hot and she wants to sleep.

Flea doesn't seem to mind her so much, amazingly. She's housebroken, doesn't get into the catfood, doesn't tear things up ... i'm sure she does something bad, but i don't know what yet.
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