July 9th, 2005


killing me softly

Almost everyone flaked on me, and i still had a nice night.
and i'm still drunk.
and Batman Begins is fucking awesome. Batman noir.
Batman has issues.

Michael and i saw a movie, made dinner, drank beer, kissed on the couch.
i'm head over heels, careful as i try to be.

this scares me: too good to last
he says maybe not ... i hope so.
but i can't help but be apprehensive. hope for the best, right?

I got bored tonight and took bunches of pictures of myself, in various stages of undress, with and without iPod. Somehow, i ended up with a bunch of hawt pictures. These may or may not end up on the interweb.
or at least in some damn sexy icons.
i'm such a camwhore.

I think iPod porn will be the next big fetish ...
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hello kitty

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So if i were to die suddenly, someone would make sure that i get a hello kitty coffin, right?

note: i'm not anticipating dying suddenly. i just saw a picture of one, and just want to make sure my wishes are known. :)
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