July 15th, 2005


The Plan:

I'm going to finish tech school and pass my RVT boards. This will be next fall.
Then, i'm going to move myself the hell out of this state, and into a cute house in Washington that I would never be able to afford down here.

I can't wait, and i'm sure you all can't wait either.

We'll see if this works out as well as all my other big plans.
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street signs and parking lots

It takes a lot to get me out of bed at 7:00 in the morning, but things had to be dealt with. This is the first time I've woken up this early on my own in quite a while. At Michael's house, he's up this early, so i am too by default. Got to be awake to drive home. But at home ... most of my days off, I aim for noon and oversleep that.

So here i sit, drinking weak-ass homemade coffee from my favorite mug. The Zoloft mug that I found in a thrift store. You know, Zoloft? the antidepressant of the happy testicle? I hate homemade coffee, but I'm not going to starbucks in my pajama shorts, and i'm sure as hell not putting on any more clothes right now. it's already hot.

A look at the extended forecast on weather.com seems to show that it's not going to cool down anytime soon. A look at the super-extended forecast shows the same thing, but i have my doubts about the ability to predict the temperature a month in advance.
Regardless, this is going to be a long summer.

ooooh, coffee's working. just a little bit.

I toss the cat off my lap repeatedly, and he just keeps on trying. Like approaching my lap from a different angle will make me change my mind? Earlier, I watched Goyle attack Patches while she was laying on top of the coffee table, sending papers and things everywhere. If i ever wondered why I can't keep my house neat ...

In four months, I will be twenty five. I do not wish to be twentyfive - i wish to remain fourteen forever. On MySpace, I found a group for my high school alumni. There's a thread in the forum that is basically "what are you doing now?" I read a few ... "i'm 26, married right out of high school, a stay at home mom ..." and i think how could you waste your life like that? You're still young! My mom, at my age, was pregnant with me, newly married, setting up a home. She spent almost ten years not working, just home with me and my brother.
It seems like a hellish existence. I couldn't imagine ... there's so much i still want to do, still think i have time to do. I like going out, going to clubs, traveling, not having anyone to worry about but myself.
I know I don't have to settle down. I won't have the children, whether i settle down or not. I know there's people that think i'm odd because I've bought a house and am tied to that. I just think I'm too young to stop my life, and don't get why anyone would.

that was a rant i didn't mean to go off on ...

today, i've got a doctor's appointment at one, then at some point i'm going to drive to oc, probably hang out with michael. hopefully somewhere air conditioned, because his house isn't much cooler than mine. maybe i'll risk the crowd and go see Willy Wonka or something. Talk him into spending his movie passes on me. :)
We could hang out at my parent's house, but i'm still not feeling like explaining the Michael situation to my mom. She's got to be wondering what's going on, but i'll let her wonder. I come from a "don't ask; don't tell" family.

maybe i should start getting ready, eventually.
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