July 17th, 2005

francine upset

Maybe he went to go mod ska dancing

I have been blessed this morning with horrible left lower quadrant abdominal pain. i think i know why. i'm annoyed. i really don't want to have to have surgery again, but the only time i hurt this bad was just before my last surgery. i'm more than a little worried.

i tried to ultrasound myself, but i don't know what people are supposed to look like on the inside. i did find my bladder and my small intestine.

if i'm still in this much pain when i wake up, i'm going to urgent care or e.r. or something.

other than that, work was nice. we got a new guy who actually doesn't suck.
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sip fuckoff

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I'm not going to babyland tonight.
i'm not going to the industrial music festival.

I'm not going because i'm in pain, and i'm pissed.

no, no, this is not a happy situation.
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