July 19th, 2005


Sitting here like a loaded gun, i'm waiting to go off

The heat.
Every summer, same problem ... once it's been hot for a little while, the cable internet melts down every five minutes. The cable company will admit no fault, of course.
so it's another annoyance.

got to the gym tonight. and i finally found a motivation for going to the gym - if i go to the gym and get skinnier and all toned up, i can take even hotter semi-naked pictures. and for some reason to me, that's really neat.
i think i've found my exhibitionist streak.

i never knew i had one.

i'll just need a good photographer.

i still really need a haircut. maybe i'll have time this week.

tomorrow - school>work>tattoo removal>cavity drillings. it's going to be a horrible day.
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sip fuckoff


That stupid fucker still won't leave me alone ...

What part of "stay out of my life forever" did rick not understand?

That and he was responsible for the death of my puppy, but i'm supposed to get over that?

one more reason to leave the state ...
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