August 6th, 2005


a self-indulgent day

Drunken Ikea was way too much fun last night. Steph was taking pictures all night, but i guess her computer ate them all. It's quite sad, because she had some great pictures - all the boys in a bathtub, for one. She missed the best one, though. Michael and I were making out out this uber-comfy bed in the middle of Ikea. Steph was waiting for the traumatized looking child to move out of the background, but i thought the picture would have been even better with a traumatized child. No matter though, all the pics are gone.

I did pick up the things i needed - a set of curtains for the back door so that i do not again inadvertently flash the gardeners; a set of cabinet childproofers to keep Sammy out of my cabinets; and a housewarming gift for Mary. Oh, and a hot pink blanket, because it was cute and cheap.

I'm awake because i'm waiting for my aunt to show up with a wall unit thing that she's going to give me. She calls me at 7:30 to tell me she'll be here at 11:00 ... gotta love my family. But I've had the time this morning to do some chores around the house, so that's good. It's already sweltering, and that's not.

I should run to the store and get something to drink. Moreno Valley water tastes like ass.

Michael and I tried out the Lazy Dog Cafe last night. It was pretty good, despite our brainwashed overenthusiastic server. I've never had such a yummy portabello wrap.

Maybe with my raise, I'll be able to live somewhere with air conditioning someday.
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