August 19th, 2005


gonna take your daughter out tonight

Whee, just got home. Had quite the interesting night last night.

Steph had offered to take me to dinner. I woke up way before i planned, and ended up with some time to kill, so i figured I'd meet her down at TC. I put on makeup and a halfway decent outfit, since i didn't quite know what i'd end up doing that night.

Well, it's always better to run into an ex when you're looking hot. Zach was there, with Joe and Sammy. I'd heard that they've been hanging out there, but since i'm never there ... obviously i can't see them there if i never show up. So yeah, it was nice to see them. I promised them I would bring michael by later that night (i figured if anyone could get him to show up at tc, zach and joe could) and when to dinner with Steph.

Dinner was nice, conversation was lovely. I <3 steph time.

I went to Michael's house, discussed the concept of hanging clothes to dry, and took him to tc. We hung out there most of the night. I didn't set out to piss anyone off, but i think the new barista hates me already. Her singing sucks, though, and she shouldn't have been doing it on the patio. Open mic night was inside, and we had already closed the doors so we didn't have to hear that travesty.
Anyway, I had to listen to a long whiny spiel in which she called me ma'am. silly pointy-eared bint.
No one likes honesty.
It was really fun hanging out with Zach and Joe, though i forgot that they loved to taunt me with space issues. Not much scarier than being cornered by joe and zach ...

After that fun died down, Michael and I went back to his house. I got all the cuddling and affection i ever could have hoped for. and then some.

Once i get done fucking around with the computer, i'm going to go visit danny in jail. always fun and exciting. The earlier i go, the shorter the lines are. I'll bring a book anyway.

oh, and this ...
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