August 31st, 2005

theda bara

hepatic what?

School bores me. Busywork is a waste of my time.

Last night's "in-class assignment" was this: Write a paragraph on hepatic lipidosis and a paragraph on porto-systemic shunts. Work in groups if you need to.

Two paragraphs on diseases I'm relatively familiar with. Two and a half hours of class time to fill. I cannot write that slowly. I read the liver section in the small animal internal medicine book. I filled two pages with notes alone, mostly from memory.

I wrote and turned in three pages. Symptoms, definitive diagnostics, treatments. I even included some follow-up care guidelines.

Grade this, bitch.
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these things can barely breathe to start with

Can i just preface this by mentioning how much i can't stand flat-faced dogs? It doesn't surprise me that, with their horrible respiratory problems, a disproportionate amount of our ventilator patients are snubnosed dogs. This was last week:

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This isn't our full vent setup. Normally, there'd be twice as many tubes and wires. This was just on a vent so that it didn't die before the owner came in to euthanize it. i think his name was porkchop. and he had no tail at all, not even a stub. it was odd.
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