September 13th, 2005


dances with labradors

I'm the worst procrastinator ever. I swear, when i die, i'm going to have some satisfaction that i've managed to avoid some unpleasantness by putting it off until i died first. I just finished my comparative anatomy paper. Had it been a more interesting assignment, i would have done it weeks ago. Now it's due in an hour and i still have to get ready.

So there was a celebrity dog at work last night (well, the dog wasn't famous, but the owner was - for no good reason that i can see, but all the older girls were fawning over his movies). So this morning, i got out the digicam, and we were posing for pics with celebrity dog. This isn't the first one, either - since i've been there, we've had a basketball player, a very well known baseball player, an MTV star, and a lesser known member of a stadium-rock band.
These people do not call for updates. Most of the time, they do not even bring the pets in themselves.

I want another vacation. I currently have $00.00 in my checking account (thanks mostly to my last vacation) and can't afford not to be working, but still ... I picked up another shift because i can't turn down money right now. My next few checks should be pretty sweet, though. I may go see my dad race in Fontana this weekend, which might be fun.
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