September 16th, 2005

bored louie

dali days

The last couple days have been weird.

I exploded a bottle of laundry detergent in my parking lot, locked myself out of the house, made a layered purple drink with way too much tequila. The broken bottle of detergent distracted me while i was getting out of the car, which caused me to forget to lock the car, which saved my ass when i locked myself out of the house because michael's copy of the housekey is in the car. The purple drink ... i bought a big round bottle of chambord. yummy.

Michael and i went out to greek food last night. I have greek food all the time, no problem, but something in the pita i ate yesterday, i think i'm allergic to. Immediately after dinner, i broke out in a red spotty rash, then i felt hot and sick for a few hours afterward. So that greek place is off the list.
He was exceptionally cuddly yesterday and it was great.

I was supposed to go to a club, but everyone flaked for different reasons. Have to give credit to Kylie, at least she tried to go. I went to Heather's house and hung out with her and Mahmood, but Heather was so doped up on Vicodin that it wasn't so much fun. I drove back to my mom's house just after midnight.

Yesterday I went shopping, burned the balance off of an old giftcard, and scoured clearance racks for gloves, fishnets, stationery, and books. I got out of the mall with as much as i could carry for about $40. I was quite proud of myself.

Heather and I are going to visit Danny today. She's going to be here any minute and yelling at me for not being ready, so i guess i should go get ready.
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flakey mcflakesalot

I am so pissed off at Heather it's not even funny.
Seriously - how many times can one person flake on me in 24 hours?
i'm going to have a talk with that girl.

I didn't get to see Danny today. :(
But I made her promise that she would go, since she has more flexible time today than I do. If she had gotten her hungover ass out of bed the first time I called her, i would have been able to go the jail early enough to see him and be on time for work. I can't go after 11 or so, because the lines are so bad I can't be sure that I'll make it to work on time.

Oh well ... knitting is happening, letters and packages sent - notmoo, it should be there soon. Sorry i lag.
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