September 18th, 2005

purple sunglasses

drag racin' in fontucky

Today I dug up my white trash roots (it's a very shallow dig, really) and went to the drag races at Fontana Speedway. My mom scored me a restricted-area pass and i watched from the starting line. I'm dirty and sweaty and have grease marks on my arms. I work my high-heeled boots and looked better than everyone else on the line. It was awesome.

Someday, I'll drive that car.

In between rounds, i learned how to knit a flower.

GU's birthday party was last night. It was fun, i saw some old friends, but it's weird doing tequila shots with veterinarians.

Dinner with dreammadeflesh tonight, and maybe i'll scrape together the money for a movie.

There are some things on the horizon which might mean i won't be running from Orange County quite so soon ... doesn't mean i don't hate the OC, but at least my commute won't be so far ...
it's all a very distant maybe, though.
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