September 26th, 2005


news of nothing and pictures

The moon smiled at me all the way home.

Work called me today and asked me to come in. As much as i need the money, i feel like ass. If i can't breathe, i can't work.
This sniffling, stuffy, coughy, ouchy chest shit has got to end pretty quickly here. My mom asked if I had taken anything, and I reminded her of my hallucinations the last time I tried to take cold medicine. The only drug my body has ever refused is cold medicine. I go psychotic and it's no fun for anyone.

Danny called - I had sent him a letter last week with my parents phone number and when I would be there. It was nice to talk to him, especially since I haven't been able to go see him for two weeks. Two more months for him, poor thing.

I went over to Michael's tonight, and found him in a slightly better state than i am. We watched some Nip/Tuck and snuggled on the couch like the lethargic sickies that we are. I won't get to see him again until Thursday, and that's only if I am able to drive down to OC. I hate our schedules.
At least Thursday at midnight I'll have money.

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He's cute even when he's making faces ...

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