September 29th, 2005


knitting and growing old

It's been a quiet day.

I've started a new scarf, for one of the girls at work. She wanted a blue scarf, and i found some great yarn super cheap this morning. I put it on some big needles and it's knitting up super fast. When I'm done with hers, i'm going to make a narrower one for myself, i like it so much. It's big, but loose and stretchy. It'll wear ten different ways, and it's totally simple. The yarn is what makes it distinctive - it's really soft and nubby.
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Because you know you wanted to see it.

If I wasn't so spastic, I'd have it done already, but i can't sit still for that long. knit a row, clean the living room. knit another two, make lunch. knit another, check email.

My untattooed shoulder hurts. I was hoping, when I started the removal process in March, that it would be off my back by the Nov. 5 wedding. This is my last appointment before the wedding, and it won't be totally gone by then. I've got some hardcore makeup, I guess I'll do what i can.

I did get to talk to Michael for a while tonight, but i hate talking on the phone. We're going to meet up sometime tomorrow, and this makes me smile. Maybe we can go out to dinner with my family or something - he's generally okay with that as long as it doesn't involve my mother, and she's in boston.

Tomorrow's weather forecast predicted "blazing sun" and "unseasonably hot." I've got some errands to do and then I'm getting the fuck out of here as soon as i can. Summer without a/c has gone on long enough.

My dad is home from the hospital. He's having surgery to implant the pacemaker sometime after my mom gets back from her vacation next week. I am not happy with this situation, oh no. But nothing I can do ... time stops for no man's daughter.

He will probably not be medically cleared to drive the race car anymore. This saddens me, because I'm afraid that when he stops having fun, he will have nothing left to do but grow old. I'm still working on obtaining sponsorship for the car next year. Anyone have $100,000 or so for me to spend on a car?