September 30th, 2005


yarn, yawn

I got paid, so i bought some yarn. Just a little bit, two skeins for a promised project (there is a doctor at work obsessed with the letter "T" and the color orange), and two pretty shiny skeins because they were on sale and i can make nifty scarves with them.

Ever wish you could take back gifts? Like the hats and scarves i spent hours knitting for people that don't deserve my work?
not that half the fun isn't in the making of them.

Fridays are loooong. Some fridays. I get up early in the morning to visit Danny at Theo Lacy. That takes most of the morning and early afternoon, then I have to go to work tonight from 4-2. 4-2 almost inevitably means 4-4 or 4-5. Can't turn down hours right now, though. Gotta save money.

This thing ... this maybe thing that would make me super happy ... I'm afraid to even write about it because I'm pretending that I'm not getting my hopes all up and if i write about it then it would feel even more real and i don't want that until i have a for sure ...
It's just such a good thing. It would be a miracle. I told Steph, and she said this: "Wow. That would make up for every bad thing that has ever happened to you. That would even make up for Creepy Rick." That's saying a lot.
It would be such a test for us, but I really think it would go well.

must ... stop ... dreaming ...