October 5th, 2005

content kitty

old friends are the best

I <3 unexpected phone calls. They remind me that it is a good thing to answer my phone every now and then.
Talked for nearly an hour to an old friend, one of the best friends I've had. He's back in Indiana now, and I haven't even seen him in two years. Catching up is nice.

I was reminded of how bad i am about keeping in touch.

Packing and cleaning is not so nice. I'm apathetic and lazy. Unmotivated. Bored and lonely. Michael sounded like he wanted to hang out tonight, but i don't really have the time to drive down there, i've got too much to do up here. So I'll see him tomorrow - there's a group of work people getting together, and we're going along. Friday morning, I leave for the cruise. I'll be back Monday, but then i work every night until the next sunday. it's going to be a busy week.

it's always a busy week.

forecast: fire

There's a big fire, about five miles away. I can smell it. I'm a little bit scared.
I already called my brother and told him that if they evacuate me, I'll be arriving with a car full of animals later tonight.

This morning, I was outside of work, smoking with Levi. I craked a joke about the weather - "this is the kind of weather where i just hope no one flicks a cigarette out their car window" - only half joking, because this is what happens, in this dry windy weather.

I was going to crack open a bottle of wine, but i think I'll wait until the fire goes out.

The news report.

I don't like the idea of thinking about what I would take with me if i had to leave quickly. I've got a bag already packed for the cruise, i'd grab my computer (or in the interest of saving space, maybe just the hard drive). I've got four cats and a bird to move and only one big carrier. My insulin, of course.
I guess everything else is just ... extra.
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