November 3rd, 2005


He's a labelwhore too

So Michael now owns this beautiful Ralph Lauren suit for the wedding. He's going to be so hot. I'm sure I'll take plenty of pictures. He's really hot in a suit.

I've got so much to do today that I'm paralyzed with indecision. Wash car, get nails done, spend more money, buy wedding present, pack bag. Get organized. I have no clue what to prioritize, so i'm sitting here in my bathrobe trying to thing of what i will forget.

I work up this morning with Goyle kneading his claws into my eyelids. There are more pleasant wake up calls.

Apparently vegas drama has spread back from vegas to work and people are all cranky about it and I don't think a trip like that is happening anytime again soon.

I wonder if Lacie will let me wear the lip ring for the wedding? I wonder if i should push the issue?
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short and red

hair repair and trashy nails

After handing over a significant amount of money, my car is washed and my nails look stupid. French manicures are so white trash.

but what the bride wants, the bride gets.
apparently she wants W.T. bridesmaids.

off to attempt to repair my hair. (which is today, blue. it wasn't blue yesterday. interesting.)
wish steph and i luck.
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