November 9th, 2005

francine upset

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I'm just a big sniffly mess.
Michael was nice enough to come over to my parents house and take care of me for a while. I was going to go over to his house, but earlier tonight i didn't even feel well to drive. I'm breathing a bit better now, but not a lot.
Being sick sucks, but it was better with him there to keep me company.

He may come up here tomorrow, and that will make me very, very happy. My home is too quiet, and my bird misses him. or at least bites him less than he bites me.

my chest hurts. i hate my respiratory system today.

yahoo messanger will not work on my computer, and it's the only chat system i like. i've un- and re-installed, and still nothing.

someone tell me something to make me feel better.
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bored louie

beer, pizza, boy

I have beer and pizza and Michael is on his way up here.
It really is simple things that make me happy.

I also found the band of punk kids that roves around up here. They were sitting outside the pizza place, playing "Code Blue" obnoxiously loud. It was adorable. They looked maybe 16, tops. Five or six of them.
I was to be an obnoxious teenage punkrocker again. It was nice to be a part of something.
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